Parish News

With this latest update to the web site you can find details of all the Mass Times for the current week below as part of the Parish Newsletter, as well as other news, by clicking anywhere on the link ‘Click for Latest Parish Newsletter’.

The latest parish newsletter will open in a new web browser window. The latest newsletter is displayed. On the right at the same level as the top of the first page of the newsletter you will see two symbols when you position your cursor close to the edge of the browser window as shown below;

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 17.04.56

If you wish to print a copy of the newsletter then click on the symbol that is a square with an arrow protruding from the top righthand corner. This opens another new window the top of which should look like;

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 17.05.07

In the middle at the top there should be an icon that looks like a printer. If you click on this then you should get a printing dialog panel pop up for your printer from which you can print the newsletter.

Please remember to close the newsletter windows once you have viewed and/or printed the newsletter to return to the main web site. Slightly clumsy but this will have to do until a better solution comes along.

Click for Latest Parish Newsletter