Mass Intentions

Over the years, the custom has grown that when someone asks for a Mass to be celebrated for their intention, an offering of money is made.

The rule that refers to this in the Code of Canon Law is number 945: “In accordance with the approved custom of the Church, any priest who celebrates or concelebrates a Mass may accept an offering to apply the Mass for a specific intention. It is earnestly recommended to priests that,even if they do not receive an offering, they celebrate Mass for the intentions of Christ’s faithful, especially of those in need.”

Rule number 947 says: “Even the semblance of trafficking or trading is to be entirely excluded from Mass offerings.”

Because of this, I would prefer that no money offering should accompany a request that Mass be celebrated for a particular intention.

When you want a Mass to be celebrated for your intention, please just let me know what the intention is, and when you would like the Mass to be celebrated.

You may like to use one of the forms to be found at the back of the church or to be web-wise click here to send me an email.

If you feel the need to do something with money, may I make the following suggestions:

1. Send a donation to:
CAFOD Arundel and Brighton,
St John’s Seminary,
Surrey GU5 0QX
this is the official aid agency of the Church set up by the Bishops of England and Wales to express the concern of the Catholic Community for the needs of the poor.

2. Make a donation to:
either The Sisters of Mercy at Mutumo Hospital, in Kenya,
or The Infant Jesus Sisters in Cameroun.
Please place your donation in an addressed envelope, and give it to me.

3. Put a little extra in the Sunday offertory collection.

With thanks and blessing,