Penitential service and Christmas Mass Times


Penitential Service

(with the sacrament of Confession available)

Wednesday 18th, 7.30pm Christ the King



Christ the King

24th December

4.30pm Children’s Xmas Liturgy

9.00pm First Mass of Christmas

11.30pm Midnight Mass (Divine Worship)

25th December

11.00am Mass

St Joachim

24th December

6.30pm First Mass of Christmas (with Children’s liturgy)

25th December

10.00am Mass


All Saints & All Souls

All Saints is a Holy Day of obligation: that is a obligation that is not slavishly imposed but a obligation of love and an opportunity to celebrate the communion of saints. All saints reminds us that we are not alone and we belong the the body of Christ Militant, active here on earth, Suffering, those being cleansed and purified, and those Glorified, the saints known and unknown to us but nevertheless numbered with the saints in angles in the full glory of heaven.

Friday 1st 10am St Joachim

Friday 1st 12 noon Christ the King

Friday 1st 7.30pm Christ the King (Divine Worship)


All Souls is an opportunity to offer our prayers and the sacrifice of the mass for our relatives, friends and those who have no one else to pray for them. We pray for them, that if they have not already passed through purification to the full glory of heaven, that our prayers and sacrifices will aid them to receive that most beautiful of promises, to see God face to face.


Saturday 8am Christ the King (Extraordinary Form, Latin)

Saturday 10am Christ the King

Saturday 12 noon St Joachim’s

After the 10am mass at Christ the King, a blessing will be given in the Garden of Remembrance for those who remains are interned there.

1.45pm Fr Neil will be visiting the Langney Cemetery to bless the graves for those who’s loved ones are buried there.

Ascension Day


Since the Bishops of England and Wales have restored Ascension to its proper day tomorrow, Thursday 30th, becomes a Holy Day of Obligation.

Mass will be offered at Christ the King at 10am, using the normal Roman rite, and 7.30pm, using Divine Worship.

See you all there!

After Stations of the Cross on Friday 5th April at 6pm, there will be our Lentern Penitential service with the sacrament of Confession made available from 7.30pm.