News From Nigeria

Dear Fr Barry and parishioners,

A huge Thank You once again for your generosity.

Sister Antoinette has been home in Ireland for a health issue and sent me the following ‘Thank You’ to forward on to you.

She returns to Nigeria next Thursday 19th.

Renewed gratitude and blessings

Sister Alice KilBride

Greetings to all our friends in Eastbourne, and again thanks for your ongoing support for our project in Nigeria. Over the past few years you have been supporting our Women’s Centre in Jalingo. As we told you in our Christmas letter, we are now encouraging them to try to become more self sustaining, so we have supported them in buying canopies and chairs which the Women Centre will rent out for celebrations in the surrounding areas. So we are not sending your donation this time to the Women’s Centre.

The Sisters in Jos, Plateau State, are involved with over 60 families who fled from Boko Haram in Borno State and they have been living in a refugee camp in our local town for the past two and a half years. We go there at least three times a week, to teach the children. When they arrived they could neither read or write and had no word of English. Although we were dealing with secondary school students (age range 12 -18), we had to start with Primary 1 English! They are very happy to be learning English and hopefully they will be best in their class when they eventually return to Borno State.

The hardest thing for the children and their families is the constant insecurity…how long more will they be in the Camp… how long more will they be totally dependent on the charity of others .

With your contribution we buy books, school materials, food when necessary. If they get sick and the family have nothing we take them to the Clinic and pay medical bills. If a family decides to go back to Borno, we usually try to give them some money to help them begin again.

On their behalf , thank you for your generosity and support.

Best wishes from Sr. Anne O Neill

                              Sr. Antoinette O Callaghan.

News From Mutomo

Dear friends in Eastbourne,

Greetings from Mutomo.

I wish to acknowledge receipt of 1,625 euros amounting to Kshs.180,375
 from your beloved parishioners.
 May God bless them.

I might add that 
my belief in Divine Providence 
is ever increased by the arrival of much
 needed funds, when they are not expected.
 This donation comes at a time 
when we desperately needed to buy
 blankets for the patients 
and also provide gowns/pyjamas for patients but we simply did not have the money
 to do that.

This donation was timely 
and may the Lord reward you all a hundred fold.. From this time of year and for the next 2 
months the temperatures drop 
and Kenyans feels the cold very much….
they are already complaining at temp. of 28C . For people like me of course that temp is perfect. 

Thank you all for your on-going support
 of our Mission in Mutomo.

God Bless, Anita

1st Communion 2018

If you have a child who will be in Year 3 in September 2017 and you would like them to make their First Communion at Christ the King or St. Joachim, please collect a form from Fr. Barry before the end of July 2017.

News From Nigeria

​​​​​​​​23 January 2017
Dear Fr. Anderson and Parishioners,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and encouragement. Many people give a once off donation but very few are able to continue giving so generously. Our sisters in Jalingo who are working in the Women Centre are always amazed when we tell them you have sent another donation. Truly you have made a huge difference in their lives. 

We have asked them many times why they cannot get more funding from their own diocese and their Bishop. The project has his full support but they simply do not have the resources to give the necessary financial backing. The southern part of the diocese has experienced crisis for the last 5 years and many of the Churches and parish houses have been burnt. So the Bishop actually doesn’t have the money at the moment. 

At our District Assembly this Christmas we asked the Sisters if there was any way they could raise some money themselves. They talked about buying canopies and chairs which they could rent out. Everybody thought it might be a good way of raising funds but the initial capital was a problem. 

Then we got a phone call to say Eastbourne had sent another generous donation. It was a real sign from God! Hopefully if the Women Centre can involve themselves in a small business, they will eventually be able to support themselves and train the women and girls without always feeling that the Centre will have to close due to lack of funds.

They had a very successful graduation on the 6th of December 2016, and all those graduating were presented with sowing machines. Again this could only happen as a result of your support.

Thank you so much, and please convey our gratitude to all those who have contributed. Please support us with your prayers as Nigeria is going difficult times. God bless,

Sr Anne and Sr. Antoinette
Infant Jesus Sisters
Plateau State.