Restructuring our Diocese for 2030

In order for us to foster prayer, develop formation, and ensure continuing mission

we must review our Diocesan and Parish life.

This must be carried out at a time when the ratio of priests to people is changing.

This will be challenging for all concerned, and difficult decisions must be made.”

Richard, our Bishop, October 2, 2017

To help us prepare we have been asked to reflect on this situation.

Please take home the sheet you will have received at the end of the Mass on October 14/15, 2017, answer as many questions as you feel able to,

and return them by Sunday, October 29, 2017

In case you didn’t receive the questionnaire, the questions are repeated below and you can print these out and respond.

The Parish of Christ the King and St. Joachim’s Parish Questionnaire – Planning for 2030

At a recent meeting with our Bishop Richard, he reported that by 2030 the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton will have according to current trends, only 50 active priests. This compares with the current number of 92.

The Bishop wants to address this issue now and has asked that a team from each parish assists him in his forward planning by providing a response to the following questions that he has put forward.

1. Given the Mission to which we have all been entrusted, what three things do you think we most need for Mission-effectiveness?

2. What roles in this Mission can be best carried out by the lay-faithful?

3. What factors, do you think, have brought about the present situation

that we are having to address in our Diocese?

4. If we were starting the Diocese today with 25 priests, where would you place them?

5. What roles in this Mission belong to the Priest? How can the Lay- faithful help?

If you would like to talk about any of the questions

please come to the church at Christ the King

on Monday, October 30 @ 7:00pm


Cormac Murphy O’Connor – Funeral Mass, Sept 13

Bishop of Arundel and Brighton 1977 – 2000 

Born on August 24, 1932

Died on September 1, 2017 

Arrangements for his funeral 

The Funeral Mass
 will be at Westminster Cathedral 
on Wednesday, September 13 at 12:00pm. 

Admission is by ticket only.
 An allocation of tickets is being sent to each parish. If you are planning to go please let me know. 

There will be a Memorial Mass at Arundel Cathedral on Sunday, October 1 at 3:00pm.
 Further information about this should be available soon. 

Cormac Murphy O’Connor

Bishop of  Arundel and Brighton 1977 – 2000

Born on August 24, 1932

Died on September 1, 2017

My dear Bishop Richard,

I would be very grateful if you would convey this short message to the priests, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese, of which I as well as you have been privileged to serve as their Bishop. 

At this time, the words I pray every night are never far from my thoughts: “Into your hands, Lord, I commend my spirit”. 

Please tell them that I am at peace and have no fear of what is to come. I have received many blessings in my life,
especially from my family and friends.
I thank God for the many priests, religious and lay faithful who have helped and sustained me in my Episcopal life.

Nor should I forget the many Anglican and Free Church colleagues whose friendship I have valued very much.

Above all, as I now commend myself to the loving mercy of God, I ask them all to pray for me as I remember and pray for them. 

Fraternally in the Lord, 



News From Nigeria

Dear Fr Barry and parishioners,

A huge Thank You once again for your generosity.

Sister Antoinette has been home in Ireland for a health issue and sent me the following ‘Thank You’ to forward on to you.

She returns to Nigeria next Thursday 19th.

Renewed gratitude and blessings

Sister Alice KilBride

Greetings to all our friends in Eastbourne, and again thanks for your ongoing support for our project in Nigeria. Over the past few years you have been supporting our Women’s Centre in Jalingo. As we told you in our Christmas letter, we are now encouraging them to try to become more self sustaining, so we have supported them in buying canopies and chairs which the Women Centre will rent out for celebrations in the surrounding areas. So we are not sending your donation this time to the Women’s Centre.

The Sisters in Jos, Plateau State, are involved with over 60 families who fled from Boko Haram in Borno State and they have been living in a refugee camp in our local town for the past two and a half years. We go there at least three times a week, to teach the children. When they arrived they could neither read or write and had no word of English. Although we were dealing with secondary school students (age range 12 -18), we had to start with Primary 1 English! They are very happy to be learning English and hopefully they will be best in their class when they eventually return to Borno State.

The hardest thing for the children and their families is the constant insecurity…how long more will they be in the Camp… how long more will they be totally dependent on the charity of others .

With your contribution we buy books, school materials, food when necessary. If they get sick and the family have nothing we take them to the Clinic and pay medical bills. If a family decides to go back to Borno, we usually try to give them some money to help them begin again.

On their behalf , thank you for your generosity and support.

Best wishes from Sr. Anne O Neill

                              Sr. Antoinette O Callaghan.