Although Christmas will be very different for all of us, given governmental restrictions, we will still be trying our best to mark the birth of our Saviour as best we can given the limitations. Managing numbers is a problem we face and I encourage those without children to not go to those services that have children’s liturgies – leave those for the families.

We have decided against a booking service as it leaves those without computer or who are not familiar with the parish at a disadvantage. It does however mean that we might be in a position where we are at full capacity and cannot allow others into a particular mass time. We have put on two extra masses which are those underlined below.

One of the restrictions is that we are unable to have congregational singing while in the church building. If the weather is kind to us we will however gather outside the church and sing some carols before entering into the church to celebrate mass. Please arrive early!

Christmas Service time:

Christmas Eve:

4.30pm, Christ the King, children’s Liturgy (Not Mass)

6.00pm, St Joachim’s, Children’s Liturgy leading into Mass

7.30pm Christ the King, Mass

9.00pm St Joachim’s, Mass

11.30pm Christ the King, Midnight Mass (Divine Worship)

Christmas Day:

9.30am, St Joachim’s, Mass

9.30am, Christ the King, Mass

11.30am, Christ the King. Mass