The celebration of public masses is once again suspended during this second lockdown.

The parliament voted on Wednesday 4th with the government to implement this second lockdown. The bill was presented in a way that MPs were not allowed to table amendments to any part of it. They had to vote for it or against it as a whole. Thus the section of the bill that requires the ceasing of all public worship in now enacted. This despite the bishops asking for the evidence to support this decision. No evidence from the government has been forthcoming because there isn’t any. Celebrating mass has not been proven to in any way to be a means of spreading the virus. 

Thankfully places of worship are allowed to be open for private prayer. Therefore we will open at the usual times for private prayer and adoration of the blessed sacrament. Your priests will of course continue to privately offer the mass daily in our churches and hear the confessions of the faithful. 

Watch this space for any further updates