We live in extraordinary times with being unable to access so much of what we have taken for granted and though would be always available to us.

Who would have though that we would see public masses suspended and churches closed? Normal life has ceased for the time being. Businesses and non-essential shops are closed. We cannot meet up with our friends for coffee and cake.

There are many businesses that are seeing their trade collapse to a point that many wonder if they will be in existence after this crisis is over. People are having to take mortgage and rental breaks for the next 3 months to try and survive financially.

Those who help feed the homeless and the good work of the Foodbank are also being effected quite dramatically. All of which should be a concern for us all.

More than one person has asked about the church’s finances. Inevitably the church will with other take a big hit on its finances and its ability to pay its way in the short term.

Those who normally do their giving through the plate collection obviously aren’t able to at the moment. The loss of this income equals to about £2,000 a month across CTK and St Jo’s. This may not be so dramatic if some are able to find another means of contributing to the churches.

Those who are able to get to the bank or have internet access to their accounts can set up a standing order and the bank details below will help. Other may like to send cheques to the office a 3 princes Road for either church. Cheques can be made out to either;

Christ the King, Catholic Church, Eastbourne

St Joachim’s Catholic Church, Hampden Park, Eastbourne

Bank details:

A&B Diocesan Trust, Eastbourne, Langney, Christ the King.                                                   Sort Code 40-05-20  Account No 91127012

A&B Diocesan Trust, Hampden Park, St Joachim’s.                                                                   Sort Code 40-05-20. Account No 51077058

I am aware that people should be cautious and this post is offered because people have been enquiring about the issue.

Prayers and blessings

Fr Neil

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