Dear friends in Eastbourne,

Greetings from Mutomo.

I wish to acknowledge receipt of 1,625 euros amounting to Kshs.180,375
 from your beloved parishioners.
 May God bless them.

I might add that 
my belief in Divine Providence 
is ever increased by the arrival of much
 needed funds, when they are not expected.
 This donation comes at a time 
when we desperately needed to buy
 blankets for the patients 
and also provide gowns/pyjamas for patients but we simply did not have the money
 to do that.

This donation was timely 
and may the Lord reward you all a hundred fold.. From this time of year and for the next 2 
months the temperatures drop 
and Kenyans feels the cold very much….
they are already complaining at temp. of 28C . For people like me of course that temp is perfect. 

Thank you all for your on-going support
 of our Mission in Mutomo.

God Bless, Anita