Dear Father Barry and parishioners,

Thank you very much indeed for the cheques received last Thursday, forwarded from Sister Ita for the Women’s Centre in Jos, Nigeria.

On Friday I sent out your gift to our sisters.

As I said in my earlier e-mail, this year there are many more young women who have come from their villages for this training.

I received the following e-mail on behalf of Sister Anthonia who runs the centre:

“Most of the girls are from distant villages and there is no money. They usually try to come with food stuffs, yams etc. We sometimes ask the girls for some small contribution towards school fees but there are some who really have nothing. At the moment, apart from the constant underlying threat of the Boko Harem, the country is going through a really difficult time economically. The drop in oil prices has really affected Nigeria. In the past at least there was money coming into the country although it didn’t always go to the right people. But now there is nothing. Even people with jobs are suffering as they are not getting salaries. We used to buy petrol at 87 Naira a litre. Now it is 250 Naira a litre. That gives you an idea how bad things are. So our girls in the women centre really have nothing. The money will go to School fees, food (I try to buy maize, rice, yams etc when the price is low and then store them for later). Also the sewing machines are invaluable as they know no matter how poor they are each girl will eventually go home with a machine and a skill. This gives them great joy and pride.”

Once again very many thanks for your generosity.
May God bless you all
Sister Alice KilBride, General Bursar Infant Jesus Sisters